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Had the worst day so far. Could not stop crying. The pain wa

Had the worst day so far. Could not stop crying. The pain was so overwhelming. I went to see the Book Club with friends. Bit mistake. Since I had seen it with H at times during the movie tears just flowed down my face without me realizing it. I drove home crying and screaming, hitting my steering wheel. I had physio today and while I lay on the bed having heat on my hands I actually good bye letters in my head to my children. When I got home I called my mother crying. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her as she talked me off the ledge. I’m ok now but I can’t believe I got to that point. I want this separation to be done so I can move on. But H is such a procrastinator I have to do all the work so it makes it worse. Like I am digging my own grave. I have actually begun to feel hate towards him for putting me through so much pain and anguish.

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Kas1966's picture
Jun 18

@eddie1975 been there with you my friend.

Jun 19

Hang in there! So happy you had your mom to talk to and help you through the first hours of your pain. This support is so helpful too! Hope you are doing well and remember you are never alone! I’m praying for you. Keep reaching out until you get through this.

Anastasia76's picture
Jun 19

@eddie1975 (((hugs)))! I can only imagine the agony! (I'm kinda glad we don't have a gun.., though there's certainly been times I've wished otherwise!..)


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