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Officially divorced as of 9/4/2019 and I had to see the ex t

Officially divorced as of 9/4/2019 and I had to see the ex this weekend because we have a 3 year old together. We didn’t talk at all after the divorce and when I saw he was acting perfectly fine (around family). Later on that night I start getting cursed out and drug through the mud via text, which is still going on today. SO BLESSED we finalized when we did and he didn’t blow up before. He never wanted the divorce and it’s only been a week. Anyone else have issues like this? He is doing the same thing he’s been doing the entire time we’ve been separated- cycles between normal, angry, playing the victim, and being depressed. If anyone has been through this with their Ex, how long did it last. I know it’s more tricky because we have kids together... luckily I can rest somewhat assures because it’s finalized now, finally!

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Sep 11

@******6311 my friend who's going through this texted me a few days ago and said she's getting me a journal lol! I've also resumed seeing my counselor and she's a big help too!

Sep 12

You’re going to make it Eddie. You’ve come so far and you just have to keep on trucking. It will get better. I’ll be praying for you.

Sep 17

It sounds like he is hurting.


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