it been awhile since i’ve posted on here. i never thought

it been awhile since i’ve posted on here. i never thought i would have to but things just got worse. my siblings and i found out that my mother has been cheating on my dad through text on friday. that night we confronted her about it and she wouldn’t tell my dad so the next day while i was in work my siblings told my dad and it’s been hell at my house. since the house is in both of my parents name, my mom won’t leave. she said she put a lot of work in the house and that she shouldn’t leave and she thinks my dad should leave the house cause he’s an alcoholic. my twin sister and mother are in a bad place right now in their relationship. my twin sister hates her and tons of fights were between her and my mom and of course my dad and my mom. every time my mom is in the same room my dad calls her names and brings her insecurities. it just makes me sad even tho she did this to herself. on monday i wanted to talk to her to hear her side of things. she explained that it was his alcoholism that makes her unhappy. she said she’s sorry that she hurt me, but i told her that it’s gonna take time for me to forgive her for what she did. my dad texted my twin sister yesterday about him leaving after this weekend because my mom won’t leave. my mom is disabled and i’m scared what’s gonna happen. i’ll probably have to drop out of college cause my mom will lose her disability cause she has to go back to work. i feel bad for her but yet i feel that she did this to herself. this position that i’m in is horrible and i don’t want to be in it anymore. i’m crying every night because idk what’s gonna happen. i don’t want to be involved but my parents keep putting me in the middle of it.

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May 6

When I was young, my father had a relationship with another woman. I was sad to see my mother cry. Most of the time, they would argue and fight. I wanted for them to settle the problem but they were not willing. I was affected emotionally, thankfully, I had a trusted friend that I could talk to anytime I needed. My friend was a big help knowing that I was not alone.

I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. It would be helpful if you have a friend who can walk with you in this difficulty. In my experience, problems become lighter when I share it with someone. You can also seek professional counselling. Connect with your school counselor to help you manage your emotions. Continue to share, we are here for you.

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Jun 14

@iknowthatisuk if your mom can move into something smaller/less expensive and perhaps subsidized she may be able to retain her disability and you, your financial aid. Hope it works out for you.

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Jun 16

So sorry for all of this. My children went through similar stuff between me and their mother. They informed me of her infidelity and it nearly destroyed me. I couldn't believe it and I acted like a fool for a long time and it hurt the kids. I know it's not your place to be in between any of this and I'm sorry that you are. I hope your parents can see that everything they do will affect you and your sister. I hope they realize this before it's too late.

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