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Pretty **** weighed down. Have u heard the one about the ca

Pretty **** weighed down. Have u heard the one about the camel and the straw that broke its back?
Went to 1st appt with my lawyer today...only he wasn't there. Scheduling error he was at his other office. I know it really isn't a big deal, but its just another piece of straw. Come home, he's here, not at work. More straw. Says he found a place to rent. Good news right? Only its just up the road. More straw. I don't know how much more weight I can carry. I feel like the smallest thing is going to break me.

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Feb 19

I'm sorry this is the first thing I focus on, but please listen to your gut when it comes to your lawyer. I made a bad decision and it cost me a lot. In fact, I feel as abused by my lawyer as I was by narc. If anything feels 'off' when you meet him, find someone else. There are too many lawyers out there to stay with a bad one like I did.
It worries me that your narc is moving so close by; I think you're about to be hoovered.
I completely understand the straw analogy. I am feeling it now, too. I'm paying bills and about to have to beg narc to please give me at least part of his child support this month. He refuses to pay for his son's school fees (it's a public school, but there are fees; public education isn't free anymore) even though he took his new supply to a Valentine's dinner that was twice the cost of the school fees! He wears the best clothes, drives a brand new car, and has the latest model cell phone (and other electronic toys). But, he can't come up with money for his son. All these little pieces of straw add up.
I hope you've had your limit of straw for the day. I hope, I, too, have had my limit; I don't know that I can handle a lot more.
How is it a narc that's supposed to not even be in my life anymore still has so much control over my financial situation? Will I ever be free of this narc! I'm counting the days until my son is 18 yrs old!
I'd like to put narc in a cardboard box with a sign, "Free Narc, please give him a home." Note I didn't say 'good' home. LOL!

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Mar 13

@GirlKitty lol. I keep hoping mine will find a new supply and then I feel sorry for the girl I'm throwing under the bus. But I kinda understand the money bit. Mine wants me to ask him for money. He keeps mentioning he has it for me, I just have to ask him for it. I'm not that desperate yet. Or course depending how long the divorce draws out I might have to swallow my pride.

Mar 13

didn't say "good" home, LOL. : )


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