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In the process of divorcing my abusive spouse of 17 yrs (9 y

In the process of divorcing my abusive spouse of 17 yrs (9 yrs of marriage) that is a professionally diagnosed narcissist with antisocial personality disorder. Does anyone have successful co-parenting tips when the ex is a narcissist? Reasons for divorce are infidelity (with transgendered prostitutes) and neglect of child with special needs (left home alone locked in room for hours). I feel the older kids resent me for the supervised visitation implemented by CPS (for the youngest) although I can’t phathom letting my guard down during the custody battle and something happening to my children due to his past neglect.

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Sep 13

I have no tips, just wanted to say you must be a GREAT mom! Pour all your love into your kids! My heart goes out to you LIbrasmiles, nothing but good vibes and prayers heading your way.

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Sep 13

I'm not in a custody battle either, but here to listen.


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