I learned something new from watching Dr. Phil about narciss

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I learned something new from watching Dr. Phil about narcissist. One I guess a narcissist cant read the room. Second, to make a memory there has to be an emotional connection and most narcissist dont connect emotionally which may be why they have a laps in memory regarding real memories. I thought it was interesting! :)

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@NarcSupply100 this is exactly what is happening to me and I have been married with this type of man for twenty years and I have been through many things to cope with this as I would want to stay with him for the reason of my children . Try to focus to develop your own hobbies and set your boundaries. Make your own rule and always love your self more than you love him . Man always attracted woman that are happy . But first thing first make your self complete without him . The focus is in your self . Good luck


@bebba94 narcissist are manipulative and often twist things around to their advantage . The way to deal with this kind of people that you know your self well and set up healthy boundaries . Narcisssit are charming but they can fool you around . A handful . I married to one who has that tendency but thankfully there are times he would listen .
Always select your companion wisely , and always have the compassion for your self . Never settle for anything less than you think You deserve !

Apr 22

This could explain why my dad was constantly accusing me of being a liar or remembering things wrong. Because he didn't even care enough to remember them in the first place. I remember he spent several months when I was little (under like 10) trying to convince me that I had the worst memory in the world just like he does. But I made effort to remember things accurately- would even journal them out so I wouldn't forget them. I started obsessing over details to make sure I wouldn't forget them, or that I would have something to remind me that it happened when they told me that I was a liar again. I do this to this day- something stressful happens and I stress out over forcing myself to remember it in every excruciating detail. Just to prove to myself that I'm not crazy or imagining it.

I think I needed to hear this.

Granted I also take DR Phil with a grain of salt with some things, but this one seems like it at least sounds right and not totally whackadoo like some of the things he says.

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