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I had a rough 5 days! My husband moved out on Thursday after


I had a rough 5 days! My husband moved out on Thursday after I confronted him about the marijuana I found hidden in his shoes. He is a drug addict, I had no clue until our wedding night when he took off for hours to do cocaine. Life after that's was like a nightmare with binge after binge, not to mention the violence when he was high or craving a high. I think I stayed as long as I did because I could never connect the man I met and fell in love with and this monster I married. I moved out two years ago and after a few weeks he cried and promised on his knees he would never touch another drug. The past two years seemed good until recently when the mood swings started and I was constantly told I didn't love him or show him enough affection. When things were going well he'd always find something to complain about. I suspected the drugs started again, see weed makes him mean and aggressive and cocaine is always right after when the high isn't strong enough. He chose drugs over me in that 5 minute conversation and left. Since then he has cleared out moat of our joint bank account, used our account to pay for dating and sex sites and I am sitting here still in shock and devastated. I feel like such a fool that I ended up with an abusive drug addict that now added cheater to his list of accomplishments

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Oct 12

@CKBlossom thank You! I finally ate 3 meals yesterday after almost a week of feeling so sick. The future is scary but I think living that life with an addict is so much worse.

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Oct 13

@Fedup73 Yes it is, keep eating and taking care of yourself, you are free and safe.

Oct 16

Sorry but who would want and abusive drug addict cheater back?


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