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New to this group. I'm a T1 Diabetic. My friends and fam

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New to this group. I'm a T1 Diabetic.

My friends and family don't really understand the struggles and stress it takes everyday to deal with this. So I don't have many people to talk with about it.

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Jan 3, 2018

@Diabetic75 ,,, glad to hear from you. I have felt that the health care system is a disgrace for a long time. I am surprised though that there aren't better support groups for Diabetes. I met a gal at a treatment facility a few years back who had juvenile diabetes. I learned a lot from her and what she was going through. You surely can teach others from your own experience. I think today people are more disconnected and self absorbed. I don't say that as a mean thing, I just see it that way. I think if the health care system took care of our needs better, people wouldn't be so stressed out..and that's a big problem. You'd probably be great starting your own support group. I agree too that isolation is insidious and reaching out is very important.. :)

Jan 12, 2018

Thanks for your response. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I actually have thought of starting a support group, but part of me thinks that I need to be more effective and focused on issues before I could do that properly. What I mean by that is I don't want to instigate people to revolting against any certain corporations or organizations by pointing out their know flaws and lack of helping what they claim to do. Perhaps that actually would help for change, but I do not really want to be a leader in something like that. I agree that people are more disconnected, honestly I think we are trained and manipulated to be that way with many things in our society. It seems to me as though many are narcissistic; it is always anothers fault. I am no different, however I try to constantly better myself and try and learn from my mistakes as well as others. It seems as though many don't want to learn. Many like to believe what is told to them by sources they think they can trust, which many are only opinions and invalid research in some cases. Kind of like Dr's, most of their training comes from schools that rely on pharmaceutical research. Pharmaceutical companies have been know to suppress or alter research data to be approved and such. So if that is the case, then many medical professionals are kind of half trained in knowledge of health care. They are more trained for a health system which to me does Not show any care. I believe there IS a cure for every disease. I think it comes down to nutrients, vitamins and the main key is moderation. Most disease is because of inflammation in the body, which is our body communicating to us that something is wrong. That is what symptoms are, our bodies communicating. However we have all been taught how Not to interpret what our bodies are saying due to companies wanting to make money. Why have a cure for diabetes or cancer, when they make billions of dollars off of the treatment of that disease. Ever notice how the word 'Cure' is Never used in the medical establishment or even taught? It is suppression for money. Our ignorance is their bliss. I have kidney disease stage 3 and have also had laser surgery on one of my eyes supposedly due to diabetes. I now only use natural things and research ANY prescription and usually never take them. I am shocking my Dr's at how well my kidney is doing, and I have 20/20 vision. It is about moderation. How many eat a serving size of anything? Most of us are acidic inside. We need balance for good health. We can't be too acidic OR too alkaline. We need to be in between. I recently had the flu, so I tried to alkalize myself. I was sick for a week and my mother was sick for about 3 weeks. She had a flu shot and took prescribed meds. I have Not had a flu shot in well over 10 years and have not had the flu in over 20 years. Why did I the diabetic heal quicker, when I am the one with an immune disease? Makes you wonder about our so called health scare system as I call it. We can learn from others very much so, What helps one may help another. I am all about the well being for all, and communication is a big key in that.

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Jan 16, 2018

@EternalStress I understand completely how that feels. I've had type 1 Diabetes since I was 7 and I've honestly felt alone the whole 13 years I've had this condition.


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