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My spouse has diabetes 2 and has been in treatment for about

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My spouse has diabetes 2 and has been in treatment for about ten years and it has been fairly well managed mostly with analog meds. All was pretty well until recently when he lost his job and our insurance. No more analog meds (not covered). New doctor has a holistic approach to managing diabetes including moderate exercise (walking) weight loss (losing at least 25#) and a balanced diet. Trouble is spouse will do none of these things particularly eating a balanced diet. It is very frustrating for me to see him slowly killing himself by refusing lifestyle choices that could save his life. It's sad and makes me angry. I know it's not my job to live his life but it hurts me every day. How do you cope when someone you love doesn't care enough to help themselves?

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Mar 13

Thank you nafta I’m trying just really concerned about his sugars that spike in 200-300 and rarely fall below 150. This is a man that will only eat meat and carbs.


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