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Hi everyone I had a very stressful day finalizing last prepr

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Hi everyone I had a very stressful day finalizing last preprint for my book yesterday. The closer I get to it release date the more excited and nervous I get. and I'm a big stress eater.. so I had a grill chicken wrap (after lunch) and then for supper a McD fish sand. a piece of white bread with another sm. piece of grill chicken and My FBS was back in to 280 this morning. But I have made myself a promise that today I will not eat between my meals. I had my breakfast diabetes shake, and for lunch I will do a big salad with some protein and I will do a diabetes shake for supper and my bedtime apple w/ full glass of water. all encouragement on my journey is greatly appreciated and need. Bread is my weakness!!!! I have try different brands of wheat bread(natsy) I have not found any I like......wishing you all a great day.

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Feb 16, 2017

I have just stopped buying it in any large quantities, if it isn't around, you tend not to eat it :)


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