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hi all , I've been prescribed as diabetic from short time

hi all ,
I've been prescribed as diabetic from short time 20 days & I started taking lantus solostar 16 units per day , this is beside to Novorapid flexpen before meals , the problem i faced is that it happened 2 times that i feel dizzy & sweating after taking the Novorapid , i asked the doctor & he told me to decrease the units of lantus to 14 units per day & also decrease the Novorapid dosage but it happened again that i feel that my sugar level is low & i measured it yesterday , it was 65 mg/dl so should i use another medicine or what ? i don't feel good with these medicines & i've never had hypoglycemia before i become diabetic , it's very hard feeling

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Jan 29, 2014

I am not your "normal" diabetic, meaning, my numbers corelate to how much prednisone I have to take for my asthma and with this goes my weight. I have been on prednisone for over 13 yrs, so it's not about the increased appetite everyone gets obsessed about, but rather the lymphedema I experience as a result of so many systemic infections and cellulitis. It's very complicated, but all in all, things are responding better now that I got my ivig treatments last week aside from the aseptic meningitis as a result. My endocrinologist works very closely with all the other members of my team and we are making great strides. My A1C came down from the 12's to 8.2, which may not seem like much, but was put to me that that number, for me, is equivilant to a 5 to regular diabetics. I will never be in the "normal" range due to all the stuff going on, and I'm fine with that. Just to be as good as I can be.

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Jan 29, 2014

I am adjusting my short acti ng insulin more than the long lasting. Use Humalog before meals. Ask your dr about using an insulin to carb ratio to figure out how much to take. You total up how many carbs you will be eating. Then as an example, taking a 1:10 ratio means for a 30 carb meal you would take 3 units of the short acting insuln (Novolog, Hualog, which ever you take. You may need to see a diabetes educator to help fin e tune what you are doing. Has helped me learn a lot in these 42 yrs of diabetes, type 1. Hope this will help. Be sure to keep glucose tabs in the house, too. You could check your sugars 2 hrs after eating. This also helps.

Be blessed today. God has everything under His control. He will help when no one else is around.

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Jan 29, 2014

@Betterhereandkickin i will do that , thank you so much & God bless you


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