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Hello. My name is Dan. I'm 34 with type 1 diabetes that has

Hello. My name is Dan. I'm 34 with type 1 diabetes that has ruined my life. I've been in a coma at 28 and recently within 10 months have gotten 2 heart attacks. Neuropathy has taken hold more since and my life as diminished. I honestly don't know how to live or if I really want to. To make things harder, I've gained 60lbs since my heart attack and the kicker is that if I do eat its either 1 meal a day or liquids yet I still gain. Life has lost its good taste and honestly destroyed my relationship, work and my whole world. again, I'm here because I'm running out of options and don't know how to deal anymore.

Oct 3, 2017

Thanks i for one def will watch it. Im struggling. 49 had acute pancreatitis and almost died and bcuz of that type 1 and i agree ive gained weight without even eating its frustrating. Ive isolated myself. Feel everyone is sick of me checking my sugar or saying im tired

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Oct 17, 2017

Someone has recommended that documentary to me! They said that since they changed their eating habits(eating meat) and processed food they have lost around 20lbs.


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