'With your camera 'aimed' I descend from gravity, I spill fr

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'With your camera 'aimed' I descend from gravity, I spill from pluto, I manage paradise. I show it all to you. With shame, Aashi. I take your tiny hand in order to ‘invert’ with the perpetual you tonight. To be once ‘orthogonal.’ To prove that mighty circles of the inner mind connect the dots for you. To brush at curves which touch at 'lava' hot thought, they touch at your life. I am putting food inside your mouth. We invert again into respectful muscular red curves which push at the ‘why is this happening to me?’ Through aching midpoint, of side fluorescent, through mash of feet. You lie on one side. The cells in your nose receive airborne chemical ‘pleasing.’ You imagine three things: a single particle, a quantum dot, perhaps the popular model of a female Aristotle. You digitate 'leaves.' - Matt Morris (Recently)

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Feb 23



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