why doesn't anyone care about me? my whole family hates me,

why doesn't anyone care about me? my whole family hates me, they degrade me and treat me like ****.

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Apr 21, 2017

how do you want to be treated.. tell them.. teach them to respect people.. a little training ..

Apr 21, 2017

@a.12.1 , It's impossible to ignore if you live with them and its right in your face, but is there a safe space you can go to decompress and relax with yourself and your own thoughts? Library? Park? I also agree with @kaamini , let them know that enough is enough and this is not how you deserve to be treated.

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Apr 21, 2017

What about you? Do you care about yourself? I ask because, while I know my family loves me, they couldn't handle my chronic pain and I was left to sort the mess out and tried to figure out how to live. I learned that if no one else would love me and care about me, then I would. These days I try to take care of myself first and foremost, and then if I have anything extra to give I will. And when someone tries to bring me down, I get angry. Very angry. Because they have no right to tell me how to take care of myself physically or emotionally if they won't bother to lend a helping hand.


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