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November 19th, 2020


what do you do when all your friends died? Man, i'm so lonel

what do you do when all your friends died? Man, i'm so lonely. My bestfriend lived with me in highschool and he killed himself just before graduation right behind my house. Then numerous other friends I had killed themselves, and just recently my best bud jordan and pretty much last remaining friend in the whole world who helped me get through literally everything killed himself. I do have two more close friends, but one works 24/7 and never has time to talk, and the other just recently developed schizophrenia and is not doing well.

And like, i'm just so lonely now. When and if I meet new people, it's never the same. I know it can't be the same, because i'll never have the same history with someone I meet in my adult years like I would with my best friends growing up.

I'm so lonely these days, and i'm just so out of it. Every single year 2-3 people I know from highschool kill themselves to the point where it almost became a guessing game between me and jordan , he helped me get through it because we could always talk about it and mourn them together, but now he's gone and I have no one to do that with.

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Nov 21

@jayocaine You play the banjo? That's awesome! My uncle plays the banjo.

It's times like these that you need to make a solemn vow to live your life as a personal tribute to the ones you lost. Live the life that they couldn't live. I know it's hard to continue moving on.

Most of my high school friends are dead, or went to prison. One of my friends from when I was 19 was killed in a plane crash when he went flying with some of our co-workers, and the plane's landing gear caught a power line as they were landing, causing the plane to flip over. There were a few friends throughout my life who died at an early age, some by natural causes, others by suicide, and I'm still in disbelief sometimes. It's sad, but you have to move on. You could always plant a tree for each of them in their honor, and visit the tree whenever you feel lonely.

The whole time I was in Afghanistan, I kept saluting coffins that were loaded onto C-17 transports during the fallen comrade ceremonies, and I vowed to continue living the life that they were deprived of, until the very end. It's hard sometimes, but you need to do that as a tribute to the people who didn't make it. You might also try seeking a mentor, someone who is older than you with more experience in dealing with difficult situations.

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Nov 21

@FreeWill2Go Love this, thank you so much

Nov 24

@jayocaine No problem; I'm glad I could help.


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