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Well, bloody hell. Hello group. I spent nearly all of my y

Well, bloody hell. Hello group. I spent nearly all of my years with no depression or problem drinking - then I had gastric bypass and lost a hundred pounds. Although I'm much more physically healthy, it seems that a result of the surgery, for me, (and I am learning also for many others), is deep depression and alcohol problems. Apparently the way my body now metabolizes alcohol has led me down a really dark path. With a circular spiral down the drain, I find myself drinking to alleviate the depression and becoming even more depressed as a result. My research tells me that people in my circumstance most often find that anti-depressant medication does not help. So I'm off to go and take a walk. Thanks for listening and just being there.

Apr 16

With Gastric Bypass isn't there an issue with sugar consumption? Alcohol induces depression so it's probably not a good thing to consume. However, I can see where a person might consider it but the body burns the alcohol and any food goes to storage. How well are you sleeping? I ask that because a lot of times people use alcohol for sleep.

You have lost 100 pounds! That is wonderful. I have a neighbor that had gastric bypass and she has lost weight but I cannot convince her to go for a walk. I walk one mile each day.

As far as medication, it affects people differently so I would not rule it out.

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Apr 16

Have you thought of going to aa? I think u are going from one addiction to another. You can't go to food anymore so you are turning to alcohol. Hang in there.

Apr 17

Ducktape and angrypoet - thanks for your responses. Studies are really clear that gastric bypass causes alcohol to enter the bloodstream much faster in far greater concentrations. Because there is only a small bit of stomach left (with equally reduces amounts of digestive juices), it goes right to my head and from sober to embarrassing myself forever within just a few drinks. I just read an article that quoted a study that one third of gastric bypass patients with NO previous depression (even though obese) are diagnosed with significant depression after surgery. They seem to be thinking it is an endocrine issue.


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