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Very depressed. Medication resistant. Tried 10 different ant

Very depressed. Medication resistant. Tried 10 different anti depressants. Now on an effexor. 150mg. Not working. Can't function. Scatterbrained. ADHD. Depression so bad I don't usually feel hunger. Takes 5 hours to get out of bed recently. Unemployed. No energy. Health insurance problems stressing me out. Husband on submarine for long long time. So lonely. Only got out of bed today to feed cats. My hands shake too much. Probably malnutrition. No friends. Family abusive. No support system. Please help. I Can't survive like this anymore.

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Jan 13, 2018

@solitarysadness Thank you for your info but I have taken wellbutrin and it made me ready to fight everyone

Jan 13, 2018

@Pixelcube Oh dang but maybe a diff one that help boost dopamine if other ones don't work then u might be low on dopamine like me and a lot of other ppl are.

Jan 13, 2018

Im so sorry to hear that. Maybe you could go to your locale crisis center . They also can help you.


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