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today ive fallen back in to depression after about a week of

today ive fallen back in to depression after about a week of feeling ok and happy. but when i was happy i didnt want to be. i found myself feeling uncomfortable and wanting to go back down to depression again. idk what that means. i wonder if maybe i wasnt completely happy bc maybe if im truely happy i wont want to come down. but now when im depressed again of course its not fun and i want things to be okay. but i dont want to go back to feeling what i felt for the past week because i didnt like it. idk. maybe im just so used to being depressed i dont like the feeling of being happy.

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Aug 14

i agree. it is what feels normal to you. so it might take some time for you to adjust. most times with anxiety or depression etc feeling uncomfortable is a good thing. like going for a walk when all you want to do is sleep . it freaking sucks until it starts feeling good. don't listen to your body. you know depression is bad even though it feels safe. you can do this :)


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