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Today I'm struggling again. Everything feels so hopeless. I

Today I'm struggling again. Everything feels so hopeless. I feel like nothing will be good again. I will settle for just being okay. Okay sounds nice, it has been a while since everything was okay. I'm not asking to feel great, or happy, I just want not to feel anything anymore.

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Aug 16

Hi, just want to say I'm sorry you're so down right now. What kinds of things are feeling hopeless? Have you talked to a counselor or therapist about this?
We're behind you on this, stay strong, keep sharing.

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Aug 16

I'm not struggling any more than the next person. I know. I see so many heartache each day in all of us, it's just that I have no real escape from my troubles like every one else. I always dreamt of flying, or driving a motorcycle, things I have not done, now can't. In my dreams I can walk, I have many friends, and most importantly, I can dance.

Aug 21

Thank you for sharing more, your thoughts and feelings are so valuable. Please don't lose hope. The greatest escape from this world's pain and heartaches is not found in anything we can physically do, it's only found in prayer. Whenever I'm at my lowest, I find the sweetest peace and relief in praying, in focusing my heart on things beyond this world. Have you ever tried that? I'm here to listen


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