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Today am very irritated. Tired of how my life is, tired of e

Today am very irritated. Tired of how my life is, tired of everything. Sick of work, sick of my feelings. Just want to go home and get high and lay under the covers.

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Nov 7

I totally get that, today has been pretty rough for me too, i love my job and i still don't want to be there lately. Take things day by day and remember to treat yourself with kindness, you deserve it

Nov 8

Hey @tjmitchell,

Relatable, some days are not easy and come with so many challenges that we just feel like throwing our hands up and call it a day before it even begins!
BUT, praise God that these are just feelings, that the day usually ends, and the next day is usually better!
Things happen because life happens, it is not always good and not always bad. You know that because while yesterday may have been a blah kind of a day, not everyday is. How is today?
Remember that feelings indicate where we are in the MOMENT but our feelings do not dictate what we do. Feel the feels but know that it is not permanent so if you have to take a step back and just nap, meditate, pray, relax, it is ok! Rest is necessary and good for our minds! It helps us put reality back into perspective.
The would that change the situation? Smoking will only weaken your health and over time create real, long lasting, negative problems, plus it costs hard earned money which could actually be invested and turned into more money providing you with increased financial freedom bringing you one step away from that job you are sick of. Food for thought :)

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