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this may be the wrong group to share in, but what do you do


this may be the wrong group to share in, but what do you do when you feel empty? i usually end up self medicating in some form, but as soon as the high wears off, or i lose the buzz the emptiness is even worse, as well as how i feel about myself.

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NoIsland's picture
Dec 2

@Jack15 When it really strikes hard..just come on here and share.. Chatting helps a lot or proly go out and like the above said..find hobbies to at least taking it a step at a time..stay positive.. We're all here for you.. Best wishes.

lilynameless's picture
Dec 3

Find peace in yourself, and will fill you.
Come here, is my best advice, because I do the same, and it's the best medicine I've found so far.
I wish you the best.

Dec 3

Yeah, try and fill your cup from the inside out. I'm a Christian, so I'm trying to grow more like Jesus. Man yearns for things that will outlast their life. Look for that, and go from within yourself first.
God speed bro.


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