Sooooo happy that Valentine's Day is over!!! People are cel

Sooooo happy that Valentine's Day is over!!! People are celebrating the love but we're thinking about the anniversary of my father's passing. We try to focus on my mother, to lift her spirits while she's missing her "forever Valentine" and everyone commends our family on how we support her but nobody ever asks if I'm okay. How I'm holding up during this time. I'm going through a lot right now and need his advice so badly that it hurts. With my zero social network and small support system, it's hard to stay positive but I'm trying. The only thing that gets me through sometimes is finding that little spark of light because the reality is that life sucks at times and this is one of those times. Thank you for listening.

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Feb 17

Isn't it just maddening how people just love to praise you, but never ask, hey, how are you, want a meal, a coffee, a hug, now I just do something nice, I don't wait for the person to have to cry out for help.


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