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someone i know invited me to the get-together and i said yes

someone i know invited me to the get-together and i said yes,
but then, only too late I realized that someone i'm not comfortable with (past issue)
is going to come too. and i'm to be honest, a bit scared of today
but i'll learn something from them about something I do,
so i'll go anyway, and i'm consoling myself that i can just listen and smile and make
a small talk here and there (but mostly listen) and drink my drink.
wish me luck -- that it's going to be all right.

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Mar 14

thank you. i kept in mind what you said and it went fine. and i don't regret attending the meeting today. and i made a new friend and also got to know some people closer.

SeeingBeyondDarkness's picture
Mar 18

Sorry for the late response, but glad it went well :)

Mar 21

Awesome... so glad that it went well and that you faced your "fear" and didn't let past feelings stop you! Definitely a growth factor!


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