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So this guy I met on this site called Depression Sanctuary h

So this guy I met on this site called Depression Sanctuary has been harassing me for nearly 3 years now... Cops can't do anything about it because he lives in Nevada. I've called the cops there, they go out, tell him to quit, he leaves me alone for a week and then it starts all over. Blocking him doesn't work because he keeps getting new phone numbers and social media accounts. I use text now and somehow he keeps getting my numbers. He's even found my address and home phone number and has been sending unwanted gifts to my house and calling my grandparents. February 9th, 2018, I found out my mother was in the hospital on life support. I went to visit her and he was calling the cops reporting me missing, calling the hospital demanding to talk to me. His dog is dying from a tumor on his face and somehow it's my fault....


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