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so i want to get help, maybe go to a therapist or something

so i want to get help, maybe go to a therapist or something but how do i tell my parents that her perfect little girl cut’s herself and all she thinks about if dying?

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Jan 9

Emma, I'm so glad you came here to get support. Just telling us is a step to being able to verbalize it. As a mom of two college girls, I want to give you a mom's perspective.

I remember being just like you and not wanting to tell my parents when I was having a hard time. I'm not even sure why. But they would have been such a huge help to me. Parents have more experience in life and you may be surprised that they may even have experience with having similar emotions. I joke about this with my girls. I tell them I would love to know what is going on with them, etc. but they just tell me they could never tell me some things. It's too bad. I love them so much and have access to so many resources than they do. There would be no judgement, only love. You may shock them and they may say the first things that jump into their heads that may not be helpful. They'll just want it to go away so that you can be "back to yourself", whatever that is. Ignore those words and wait until they can get their heads around how tough things are for you. They will certainly be a help to you.

I wish I could surround you with a hug myself, Emma.

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Jan 11

So glad you are posting. Getting professional help is such a wise, brave move, and one we almost always hesitate from doing for different reasons. Bottomline, when I finally just gave in and did it, my life started to change. It will not be easy, but it is very, very wise. Christian counseling really helped me. Would you consider that?

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Jan 11

Do you need to tell your parents about the cutting and suicidal thoughts? If you are worried about their reaction maybe you can be more vague and just say you are going through great difficulties and think you need to speak to a therapist. If you convey it with sincerity and they are loving and supporting parents hopefully they will be willing to help. It can be daunting opening up to others about your emotional problems. I never let anyone see my vulnerabilities, although they surface occasionally for people to see. I hope you find a way to get to see a therapist. Good luck.


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