so I recently left my job of a few years due to my anxiety,

so I recently left my job of a few years due to my anxiety, ptsd and depression. my doctor took me out on a leave of absence for a while to see how my medication would work for me , I felt like I needed to be out for a little bit longer but she basically told me that she wasn't gonna keep me out any longer and that I had to go back to work, so I ended up quitting. even with the meds some things are still kinda hard for me, but my mom keeps kinda throwing it in my face that I'm no longer working. she complains to me about the things I haven't done when I'm home "all day, every day". not sure how to even handle this because I told her it bothers me before & nothings changed. it really just makes me feel useless ...

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Nov 14

I don't blame you for looking for a new doctor or therapist. That sounds very frustrating, I hope that you do find a doctor who understands! Sometimes it can be trial and error and take awhile to figure things out.

Nov 14

@maryssa_w I'm so sorry you experienced the "spreading" too even though it helps to know I am not alone. For some reason I have been more depressed than usual these past two days, grieving my old self and old life; crying a lot almost continuously....

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Nov 15

@alexia00 i hear you on that , my depression has been more active the past couple days too & I find myself crying a lot as well. hopefully you have a better day today :)


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