RISK(Y) You slept right there at the bottom of my list. And

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You slept right there at the bottom of my list. And I am no longer the night watchman over it. You set me on a promise to say my skin, like pralines, was the prelude to something bigger. And you put a ring on it. But you sat. And you waited. Ignoring the stolen basis that I could parade this around. You played me. And later in the day you will paint over it. While I sit with an ice cream scoop. It won’t soon melt. And you called me a word. It starts with a c. And my first fist through that wall was not so easy on the ring that you gave me. It is not so easy to ignore me anymore. My mother not knowing how to handle me when grandma took over. Or why I liked girls, though I thought that secretly; she did too. She says be quiet. And the voice telling her ‘time to give up on her.’ That beauty. It is all I loved her for. And I will no longer show up at your house at 2 in the morning. I am not your emoji. Pray tell, I would rather risk being this ‘only.’

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Feb 24

Is this you or a quote, I am confused.

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Feb 28

@CKBlossom It's me


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