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Ok so i hate my dad Its not like he didnt buy me a phone o


Ok so i hate my dad
Its not like he didnt buy me a phone or something
More like he ruins every time i start feeling better or happy
And hes way far from a good dad he always complains he ruins every moment the family had and oh when it comes to beatings i got a good share, when i was 6 years old i toke a beating from him that lasted 2 hours
Even when i do things for him he doesn’t ask
And its not like he has anger problems because hes nice to me only when he needs help with something like work or or something he cant do
He even said it to me “if you or your brother get in my way to get to heaven ill abandon you and him” i was only 16 then
In my school graduation party he left the party after an hour and it wasn’t like he told me that he leaving or made sure that i have a ride home he just left
And do that for my other 2 graduation parties from college and university
I can keep going on and on about what he did and keeps doing
And its not that i blame him for what im in i dont
Im just sick of this guy and i dont know how to deal with him
Im lost I tried talking and listening to him but nothing is working and even if i hint at it he would start crying or using the silent treatment for long terms or even screaming and then going to the church for some reason
Im just lost and cant find a way to deal with him

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angrypoet123's picture
Aug 7

Because of my dad we're not going on vacation anymore. Guess he can't help it being bipolar.

Peteroo8's picture
Aug 13

If you are going to be a doormat you will be step on. You are not responsible for you parents(Dad). They wanted you and are responsible for their children. You had no say in being brought into this world. It is the law. "Stand up and fight for your right..."

Aug 13

Quick update
Things are going well i started to ignore him and leaving the area hes in when he does something hurtful and its working slowly but surely
The last time we had a problem i left and after a while he followed me and apologized not directly
So ya its working
Thanks a lot
You people are awesome


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