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*not looking to argue, don't comment if you're going to be r

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*not looking to argue, don't comment if you're going to be rude.

My family doesn't care about me. It throws me for a loop because they sometimes say nice things and my grandma insists she loves me, but they don't show it. I hadn't eaten in a few days, and my grandma refused to get a pizza because she wasn't hungry. My mom screams at me that she wishes I wasn't born and I'm not her son. She sucks at being a parent, and hasn't done anything for me for three years now; my grandma is raising me. She treats the pets better than she treats me.

Me: *forgot to tell her I love her once*
Her: He's a horrible child!! Look how he treats me!! I took care of him for 17 years and he won't even say he loves me??? What did I DO to deserve this!? (this isn't even exaggerated)

Dog: *pisses on the floor*
Her: Oh my god, I love you so much!! You're such a good boy!! Yes, you are! I love you! Precious, innocent animal.

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Jun 11

It sounds like your parents/ grandma have great difficulty in admitting they are so bad at communicating.
This embarrased them so rather than admit their fault they decide to lash out and play the insult & manipulation game & YES it's a very immature game.
They may have lots of disappointments in THEIR lives so they are going to blame those problems on you. That's called making you their "Scapegoat".
Since you are underage, you could seek counseling at school. Also, if you have access to your Primary doctor, you may be able to ask for Family group therapy sessions. Your County's Health and Welfare office can be a source of help and advice.
If you believe getting the truth out on the table is important than a 3rd party like a therapist is a good way to start.
Sometimes you have to be brave and risk getting truth out in the open. It could be painful at first but it will never change if you keep doing the same thing.

Jun 12

I'm so sorry about your family. Sometimes people think they're showing love, but instead they're thinking about what they need. Like your grandmother prolly needs to feel loved so she was manipulating you through guilt. Not a cool thing to do. I'm very sad you feel less cared for than you'd like and need. Everyone needs love, encouragement, and to feel they matter to their loved ones. I didn't realize you were that young, or male when I supported you, just now. I'm an old lady. But you do seem very caring and mature. Someday you'll be even more awesome after growing from these experiences. Everyone, even people from the kindest families, has bad experiences in life. But we all try to grow from it. It's so great you were mature enough to come for support. When I was young I never would have thought of doing that on my own, though I needed support.


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