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New member here. I`m just looking for some self understandin

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New member here. I`m just looking for some self understanding. Like why I always act like I`m the strongest, umbreakable, helpfull person of my circle of people when I`m the weakest! Still a cry baby behind the curtains.

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Aug 15

Hi neverlandandmore, Crying is not a sign of weakness it is simply human biology. A reaction to certain emotions that can vary from person to person. Social environment had made that weak/strong interpretation in historical times when one had to persevere beyond human fears and strengths to fight off bad guy and nature. The world was round once too. Today and to me it is a sign of emotional balance. Nice to be normal. Peace be with you.

Aug 15

Went back and read your bio. You mention four things your dealing with. That is a lot. I have a feeling you have the intelligence to work through it. You are not sure if talking can help. Let me put it this way. There are three things that help TALK, LOVE, and MEDICATIONS. Did you say you were employed? Hey, well another good thing. Like it or not for now it helps keep the depression lighter then it could get. Maybe this could be an area of improvement when you get a grip on the BP. The BP is probably the first target. In one of my other replies here I mentioned that I have worked with people and have friends who have dealt with BP and have done very well in life. It could be the instigator of the other 3 issues as well. Hug yourself hug your wife plan a few small fun things to do while weather is good to help keep the spirits happy. You know now, millions of millions of people have gotten through this, you can be one. Lets talk more.

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Aug 15

Life is inherently what we make it. The only meaning and value it has is that which we give it. It is okay to be weak. You have to confront your weaknesses and accept them. Nurture your wounds as you would your friends, and I think your feelings will change.


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