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My fustrating scenario that has played out multiple times th


My fustrating scenario that has played out multiple times this week: you watch someone you care about do something unhealthy hurting thier mental health. They are an adult so I say nothing, I do not judge verbally I try my best to keep my face neutral. They are an adult I can not stop them and me trying to talk to them in the past does nothing but piss me off in the end.

So this week instead of that person going on about thier buissness they decide they are going to talk At me (not to me) until I agree with that they are doing, like they need my blessing to do things that are radioactive to thier mental health. And the more I don't engage, it gets worse not better. Hoping the weekend gets better....but I know the weekend is when it gets worse.

And No I can not cut this person out of my life, no matter how much a want to right now. I know they are hurting and I'm trying to let them go through greif counseling and AA steps. Walking away is not the answer (stepping away is all I'm doing right now)

I just keep teling myself "it has to get better, right? It can't possibly be like this forever"

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Jul 17

@Gone Fishing thank you for the support and the enlightenment.

Jul 17

Hello and welcome to the SG Depression group. You will find that this is a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings and struggles without judgement. Continue to post and you will find other members who are confronting their problems. We are here to listen, offer encouragement, comfort and support one another. I hope that you find what you are looking for at this site.

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Jul 17

Never say, YOU SHOULD DO THIS. Hardly anyone like to be bossed around.

You could try, well, if it were me in this situation I would do this...


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