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Most of the time i feel nothing, i don’t get why i’m her

Most of the time i feel nothing, i don’t get why i’m here or what i’m supposed to be doing. I feel like i’m just going through the motions because that’s what i’m supposed to do but life is just passing me by. Maybe i’m being dramatic but I think i’m just confused. I don’t even know if this post is in the right category, because I don’t feel sad or depressed, I just feel nothing. I feel empty. But it’s not all the time, when i’m with my friends i feel happy but when i am left alone with my thoughts i start to feel alone and empty, like nobody understands me and nobody ever will. Does anybody have any advice on what to do or can relate and let me know that i’m not completely alone.

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Aug 16

thank you for sharing with me, i can relate to almost everything you’re saying which makes me feel better and a lot less alone, i haven’t gotten into any hard drugs yet but i use weed to make me feel less empty, and i don’t drink that often but when i do i make bad decisions, I’m only 17 and i don’t want this to effect me for the rest of my life so i’m trying my best and i’ll keep your montra in mind.

Aug 16

@cassidyyy I know how you feel. Unlike animals, we humans seems to have a sense of spiritual awareness or a desire to want to accomplish something with our lives other than just existing. One thing for sure is that your comments may have help someone else who is going through the same problem. I know when I read your comment it gave me a measure of comfort reminding me that I am not alone. So in a small way you have help at least one person by your comment.

Aug 20

@cassidyyy The key is to never give up or stop trying. You have to work at it and even when you don't think there is progress, have faith that you are getting better despite what you may think at the moment.


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