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Man these crying spells just won´t stop. I feel like I just

Man these crying spells just won´t stop. I feel like I just can´t control them anymore. I really wish they would stop

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Oct 12

I'm doing fine, thank you for asking.
My mother passed away 6 years ago but whenever I miss her, I still cry. She will always be part of my life and her memories will always be remembered.

How are you? I hope you are feeling better today. God bless.

Oct 14

@j2415p44 I'm happy to hear that you are doing good. I also lost my dad 5 years ago but it feels like yesterday. I miss him a lot and always think about him and cry as well. If you ever need to talk then you can talk to me I know how this hurts

14 hours ago

Dear BlackRose, I'm so sorry for the grief and pain that you are feeling. Do you have close friends who are there to listen and help you process your feelings?
A good Christian counselor can help with that too.
What if you started a journal and just wrote out happy memories you have of your Dad whenever you think of one? It might help you work out your feelings.
When my husband died suddenly it was devastating. First the first year especially, the only times I was happy at all were when I was worshipping God (because when I worship Him, I feel His nearness and His peace and His great love for me), when I was helping someone else, and when I could just cry with someone who understood my pain. Many times, I have thanked God for putting my husband in my life and that brings me peace too.
In more recent years, I've learned the key to defeating depression. It is thankfulness. I have learned to thank God by "counting my blessings". I thank God for the thing I am doing right at the moment. If I'm washing dishes, I thank God for the hot water and soap, for good dishes to eat off, for food to put on the dishes, for the kitchen I'm standing in, for the family I share home with, for the heat that makes the house comfortable, for the clothes I'm wearing, for hot showers......etc. As I thank God for each thing, the list just grows and grows and I realize how good I have it!
I know you're hurting right now and I'm sorry to hear it. I hope you'll try thanking God for each small and large thing you have and see what happens.

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