Just finished sitting next to a couple with a new baby, who

Just finished sitting next to a couple with a new baby, who have a nice house and car. All things I wanted and fully believed I would have. Got married in my 30s, my husband became chronically ill the first year of our marriage. I took care of him for 5 years till he decided he wanted a divorce. Stnce then I've lost 2 jobs, one because of a new boss who created a toxic work place, and one because of chronic pain from a back a injury that I am still struggling with. I'm 50, in pain, alone, with no assets, and no job. I can't believe this is my life. How did I get here? I must have done something really really wrong. It feels too late to get and live the life I hope/d for??

Nov 14

I dunno, i think that when we are young ,we don't envision a 'terrible life' for our own future so easily. But in the end it's so easy to look back and look where things went wrong. Now you can easily see and say 'oh this expectation of mine that my life would be perfect was a great miscalculation', afteral a perfect life doesn't just fall out of the sky into our hands, it needs to be acquired through effort and the right methods. And these things are so easy to say by words but so hard to obtain through sheer effort. But on the other hand, we shouldn't be too harsh against ourselves. IF we knew beforehand that a car would crash on the highway when we would step into it, we wouldn't step into that car at all!!!.

You could not have foreseen that your husband would get sick and want to divorce you. Hell, maybe even that 'oh so fantastic looking couple that has everything you wanted' will die in a car crash or when their house catches fire. In other words, we can make other people's lives look a lot nice then they actually are, but in the end, that house and car didn't came there for free. He and she might have worked hard for what they've earned. It's the old, staring at how the grass at our neighbor is greener then ours, while we forget our own grass and through neglect let it rot brown. The best thing to do is to stop looking at others and focus on improving your own life. I understand your complaining though, but the thing with complaining is this, you can complain and whine until the end of time , but it won't change anything of your life for the better, only taking action to improve things will change things for the better. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that's how it is.

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Nov 14

I don't disagree with you nafta, and thanks for taking the time to write.


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