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it's one of these hard days, and that's ok , these hard days

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it's one of these hard days, and that's ok , these hard days are a reminder of the good days I had and it's a apportunity to reflect and think what can I do this time, I have been doing so well but these days am a bit feeling down and I have pain in my body and I'm feeling sleepy most of the day I went for check up and everything is normal, 3 doctors told me that this could be stress I wasn't feeling stressed honestly but when I look at my life I feel that I don't have healthy habits, I'm sleeping late am eating whatever I want I'm not using my time in something useful so I think my body is trying to tell me something, I have over came some stressful situations with the help of my therapist and working on myself, one of the things that has helped me is not to overthink and just go for it without thinking too much about the situation of just try to have sipmle expectations, who ever went throw depression or stress knows that frustration can lead to stress and then be in depressed mode and when I lowered my expectations it broke that circle
I just want to remind you guys to be proud of what you have accoplished even if it just something small it's not small to you, you know that you are trying and you know most of all that what you did is not small
send you my support from Kuwait, have a great day

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Sep 17

I feel like the last 6 months have been an uphill climb! Hugs!


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