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Its been 2 years since my friend died and 9 months since my

Its been 2 years since my friend died and 9 months since my other friend died, I try to fill the void of there laughs, smiles, and humor with helping people with the same problem but I can't hardly keep it up, I find myself in a constant emotional rut

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Jun 29

Oh know. I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe you need to help yourself befor you can help others. You need to give yourself time to heal.

Jun 29

I'm so sorry for your losses, friend. My heart goes out to you. Losing our loved ones can be very traumatic. The sorrow can affect us in many ways. It's important to let yourself go through the process and give yourself as much time as you need. Each of us deal with loss in our own unique way. The journey can be complex, and wounded hearts take time to heal. I just said a prayer for you, and I hope that God will surround you with His comfort and heal you whenever you hurt. I'd also suggest that you talk to a grief counselor. I know it's not easy but stay strong. Sending prayers your way.

Jun 29

@Mr.Cook grief is different from person to person and loss to loss, but it's still a process that has to run it's course. I won't tell you to stop helping people like your loved ones, but I will encourage you to be mindful of your mood as you go into the helping situations. Cut yourself some slack and try and give yourself "an out" for when it feels like too much.


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