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It's always been me against the world it was the only way I


It's always been me against the world it was the only way I could deal with people and their horrible 2 faceS and Judgements. Everyone is like this even if they only do this subconcioisly. I used to think I would be able to find someone that shares and understands me. It looks like thats not going to happen. So I guess I should change my outlook since people are EVERYWHERE. Any help in changing my outlook? Spoiler alert I have been hurt

Jun 14

We have all heard that in time everything changes, usually for the best. We have heard it so much that we get tired of hearing it. All I can tell you is that right around the age of 50, I changed without trying to. How I changed was I no longer cared how other people felt about me. I am, who I am, if you don't like me, there is the door.

It was one of the best things to have happen for me. This idea that I have to change to meet someone else's expectations disappeared. @dolo, you have the same right to be on this planet as everyone else does. Live your life the way you wish. Don't worry about what other's think.


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