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Its 3:12 am now and just sitting on my bed holding my knife

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Its 3:12 am now and just sitting on my bed holding my knife once again trying not to cut again is there anyone i can just chat with awhile...

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Apr 25

@Cindysmilesagain there is a reason y I'm asking! Ha

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Apr 26

Same like James I feel the impulse to hurt myself ( I mostly feel like stabing my neck so I can die quick). I am looking for relief in an unhealthy way. I usually drink champagne to overcome going through with suicide. People with PTSD ( like myself) feel emotional suffering for so many years and just want the suffering to end. Psychological pain is extremly hard to overcome especially if u surrounded by stressors and hardships ( lack of money, toxic relationships, hostile work environment, lack of housing, malnourishment etc) which interfere with healing the emotional trauma. Self care got to be very consistent and taking on responsibilities cut to minimum. That is how I live my life lately. If I risk to be on the lazzy side then so be it. I lay on the couch rest and be lazzy twice a month in my days off from work. Part of my healing.

Apr 27

I'm here


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