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It takes a celebrity to raise awareness for Mental Health th

It takes a celebrity to raise awareness for Mental Health this upsets me. Why is it that people are afraid to talk about Mental Health. I found this article the other yesterday and well at least there is awareness

Jun 14

What an informative link! The statistics on suicide are very alarming.

Seems there has always been a stigma in regards to mental health. My gosh, going back into history people who suffered were placed in institutions and experimented on. There was a woman that was a Psychiatrist that towards the end of her career announced she was bipolar. It shocked the entire psychiatric community. I can only imagine how much she suffered having to keep that a secret. The whole thing aggravates me because physical health affects mental health and mental affects physical. For some reason, people cannot understand that. Good post @Fifty97!

Fifty97's picture
Jun 14

The CDC made it public that suicide rates have been rising across the country. I think one of the many problems people are afraid of asking for help is mainly they can't afford some type of counseling or a therapist. It's all due to not having a good health care here in the U.S.


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