It just seems life is never getting better for me I planne

It just seems life is never getting better for me I planned to take my husband out to a bar for live music last night so it started out good we picked our son up and we went out to dinner last night for my husbands birthday but then I ended up losing my ATM Card but we still took an uber to the bar to listen to music where it was deasville there but music was good then we ended up in a fight last night and my husband just makes me feel like crap I don't know how much crap I can deal with from him.

Nov 14

I feel sorry for you. It seems like you had a very rough time.

The important distinguishment is this tho. Namely the difference on whether this situation is incidental or structural. For instance, losing your ATM card, it can happen to anyone, hell even my card went into the laundry machine one time.

But if fighting with your husband is structural, then you two might want to visit a marriage counselor in order to straighten things out. If you feel unhappy about the relationship you are having between you and your husband, write down everything that is wrong in here to vent your heart, and bring that same note to your marriage counselor, and also let your husband make a list of all the things he feels are wrong in your marriage. Then give the list to each other, and then through the help of the marriage counselor , work your way through these problems.

Nov 17

Thank you


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