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im so done, esp done with this year..first snowmaggodon that

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im so done, esp done with this year..first snowmaggodon that closed the city and where i shoveled my life away and my bf decided to cheat on me..struggle not the word..aniexty/depression every week and working with the drs to help me even tho i feel like its getting nowhere.. then COVID bfs uncle passed, the only one that made me feel comfortable in the family..then my sister decided to fight and pretty much leave my life 2 weeks ago and now my aunt is dying because of her heart..I dont know how much more i can take.seriously dont know.

Aug 1

this year is nearly done (or let's think this way)
and let's hope there will be something good next year.

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Aug 4

@strawblue cant wait. my aunt passed last night after having 2 great days. silver lining that she had a good day before she left us i guess


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