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I'm having a hard time dealing with my uncle's death because

I'm having a hard time dealing with my uncle's death because he died yesterday. And the problem is, I don't know him that well, even when I did spend some time with him. I miss him every day. I'm shocked and sad to hear that he's gone. I feel like I need to eat something to deal with the pain everyday, so I won't have to think about it. Or take medicine or do drugs.

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Oct 11

@DClady1952 Okay. I talked to a counselor about it already, and she said it's not an easy process.

Oct 11

@MrTinMan Well, I already know I came from an emotionally and verbally abusive family, and so did my uncle. That's why I have mixed emotions of sadness and surprised.

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Oct 12

I'm sorry about your uncle. Even if you didnt know him that well, he was still somebody you cared about. Its going to take a while for you to feel better. In the meantime, just try to get through okay. I wish u the best.


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