I'm feeling so unwanted and alone. I hate myself so much and

I'm feeling so unwanted and alone. I hate myself so much and I can't reach out to anyone through social media. Please help me. I feel like crying!

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Oct 15

Either say what you want for support from everyone or please leave the site. You are asking everyone if they are female, emails, phone numbers. WE DO NOT do that on this site. If you want support write it in a post so many are reaching out to you and you are being so mean and negative to them. You need to ask for what you want for support you are not even telling us what is wrong other than you are ugly that is not helping any of us trying to reach out so please give us more information on what we can do for YOU.

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20 hours ago

@Jennipain first off, don't give me any attitude. I am the way I am for a reason and that will never change! If you didn't care, why are you even helping me? I am ugly and unwanted. I have been bullied to the point of no return. I am trying not to hurt myself by staying clean. All the advice that you have given me has been bull. If people are too sensitive to understand my pain, too bad!

Jennipain's picture
14 hours ago

@unwanted_one21 I am trying to figure out what you want from the site and all the wonderful people that are reaching out to you. You have not said what you want and you are being disrespectful to everyone that has reached out to you. The advice might be bull to you but you are not telling us what you want or need from us and this site. You just keep saying you are ugly so please feel free to share with us what help you need to that we can at least support you without you throwing us all under the bus. WHAT IS YOUR PAIN????? We don't even know your story because you aren't sharing it. If you want support share your story or please find another site that might help you more than this site.


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