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im feeling like one big mistake today i try and try but its

im feeling like one big mistake today i try and try but its never good enough im so tired

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Sep 11

@Freej i give her space we really dont tall when we do she nit picks or its small conversations i only see her for like 3hrs a day

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Sep 12

Hello- I’m sorry if things are not going well with you and your Mom. I will be praying for you.

I have a sister who has difficult relationships with my other sister and they live in the same house. It’s hard to see them having that kind of relationship especially that one of them is dealing with depression. They are in prayer that peace will be upon their household. Sorry you are going through this, I pray that you will remain strong and everything will be fine with you and your Mom. God bless.

Sep 13

Show your self grace, and let yourself have a day off. We all have them, and need to relax, stress just makes everything not work and worse. Breathe deep, put your feet up or lay on grass, and put on a good show or read a book to get out of your own problems. <3 Magnesium is great to help with that too!


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