I'm feeling good today. I had a better than average session

I'm feeling good today. I had a better than average session running the treadmill. Biden's going to be in office in a few days and I'm fired up about that because it means that Cher will be coming back from Jupiter soon and I've gotta be at the top of her boy-toy rotation by now. I applied a few decades ago. I'm dusting off my charm spell to start weaving glamour just in case.

I'm sorry you might be down. I'm sorry your partner may have left. Last I checked, the planet is still spinning, critters are still running around doing whatever subversive stuff they do when we aren't looking, and the planet definitively does NOT have a shortage of eligible, eager partners. Some probably even in your neighborhood. Get up and move while you still can. Happy or unhappy, the future creeps by regardless.

Littlesis7's picture
Jan 16

Ha wow, so right. I sure do have to step back from this insane covid time and try to remember the world is still spinning. I hear a about 'get up and move'...I barely have a pulse anymore but awesome shared inspiration like this -just might make tomorrow tolerable lol


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