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Im currently stressed at my work. I dont want to continue to

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Im currently stressed at my work. I dont want to continue to work in there anymore. We are doing work from home but I dont want to communicate with the people there and kept on avoiding and most of the time kept my phone turned off to cut -off communication from them. My work task can be done but I dont have any motivation to do it or submit it. I know the simple way to solve my problem is simply submitting my work but I dont wanna do it. Just starting to get the job done triggers my stress. But I cant quit my work cause of financial problems. Have you ever felt the same way before?


Whoa yes! Right now my job is really increasing my depression and anxiety. For me a big thing is just not being able to keep up with the work load. I feel miserable, and usually my work is really important to me. I'm terrified to lose my job because of losing my health insurance. I also would be sad to have to leave the system I work for as I went to school at the university and feel proud of it.

Do you think you could find a different job?

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Aug 2

Im currently thinking of changing careers but it's so hard to get employed in this pandemic. Its hard to tell to your colleagues and boss that it's depression that makes you fall behind your work. It doesn't even look like a valid excuse. Depression and anxieties are not valid reason for work since it's personal. Im trying to look for a job that will pay me the same as my current job but it felt like i dont have the necessary skills to be hired. Staying with my current job felt so stressing for me


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