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I'm 15 and I have depression (not clinically proven, because

Trigger warning!! Self harm
I'm 15 and I have depression (not clinically proven, because I'm so terrified to talk to anyone about it) and I've lost all motivation I once had.. I have no motivation to do anything... It's starting to reflect on my grades (which have lately all been F's), I'm failing multiple courses and yet I have no motivation to do anything... I just constantly feel like I'm in a hole and the rest of the world is fine.. And I just can't get out of that hole, it's suffocating me... It makes me feel like I'm worthless and all the bad grades that I've been getting have caused me to start cutting myself, because I feel like I deserve it...

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@Butterfly08 I didn't. I just want to die in general. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, I've felt so horrible all day. I haven't had a full night sleep for days, I've been going to sleep at 3, 4AM. I


I did take a nap earlier and ever since I've woken up I've just been lying on the bed lifelessly, because I felt as though I was in the all too familiar dark hole again. I'm scared, I don't feel good. I should be studying for German. Now I'll get yet another F tomoroww, like me everything I do is a failure.


I didn't go to school today, my mom's going to kill me. Since 6am I've just been lying on my bed, lifelessly. I'm back in the dark hole I can't seem to get out of. I don't feel sad, I don't want to cry, I just don't feel anything at all


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