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I wish my disease would kill me instead of disabling me what

I wish my disease would kill me instead of disabling me what is the point of this? I'm still just waiting around to die.

GirlKitty's picture
Feb 11

@dolo Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please don't consider death as an option. Life is so fragile and we're only here a short time, please hold on until you get some help. Your depression can get better, you can have your life back.
I highly recommend you go to a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist, and tell them how depressed you are and that you think about death. There are excellent medicines now to help give us back quality of life.
I know some people don't want to take antidepressants, but wouldn't taking a medicine be so much better than dying? If you had cancer, you'd most likely accept chemo, so why not take the medicine for depression? If you are already on an antidepressant, you definitely need to see your doctor asap! It's either not strong enough or you need a different type of medicine. Please see your doctor soon.
You're life is so worth trying to save it.
Please don't give up. Please see your doctor asap.

Feb 12

@GirlKitty I like most of your post. You seem helpful, from here and what else I've seen of you. However, I'd just like to point out that thinking about death and/or dying is not in and of itself an issue. Many perfectly healthy people think about death/ realize they have limited time. It's thinking about SUICIDE that is an issue.
Sorry if that is too nitpicky. I am naturally pedantic, and sometimes don't know what is too far. Please tell me if that wasn't okay/too mean/pedantic.
I like your cancer analogy.

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Feb 12

@Emma490 I agree with your post. I actually thought about that while I was writing, but my gut reaction when someone wishes they were dead is to beg them not to think that way. I don't think your reply is nitpicky. I respect your opinion and reply.


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