I wish I didn't exist, sometimes I don't know I just feel li

I wish I didn't exist, sometimes I don't know I just feel like that sometimes.

Jan 21

Hey, I have many friends that have suffered from depression and I have as well. Is there anyone around you like family or friends that can support you? If so, I would highly recommend talking to them about what is going on and possibly going to a psychiatrist for help and possible medication. I am always here for you and you are very loved and appreciated <3

Jan 22

I have been feeling the same way almost every day the last few weeks. Before this I would wake up random mornings and feel that way also. I wonder what's the point, why am I here? I feel like I work too hard to barely get by and I'm constantly tired. Life is not easy. Being an adult is not easy. Having friends and family around help a little but we have to try to find something to help ourselves feel okay every day. I say we because I need to learn also.

Jan 22

as cliches it may sound, you matter. for real. I hope you keep going and hopefully someday feel this.


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