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I was wondering if any of you guys deal with a dismissive pa


I was wondering if any of you guys deal with a dismissive parent maybe? I live with my mother and we've always had our ups and downs of course but since i was a kid she always tried to isolate herself from what i go through, she continued to do this and clearly told me once that she'd rather not know what i struggle with. Today, she called me dillusional because i brought up (as a joke) a little small incident that happened when i was a kid. I can feel that it triggered her and pushed her to attack me by completely dismissing and invalidating my feelings AGAIN. I'm just so sick and tired of this behaviour, i'm 24 right now and carrying both my baggage and hers is starting to exhaust me mentally. If any of you has anything to share with me to help, i would be more than grateful.

May 23

She is the only one that can chart her course. Give her the credit for thus far. Now your time has come.
That is why you feel tired of the load? Hug her, forgive. Find ways to move on. At 24, still a great start in life Don't stay no to yourself. I am praying for you both at this moment.

May 23



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